Adam Beal has a spotless career in modern commercial aviation. Co-pilot on the prestigious London/New York run, he is soon to be promoted to the coveted pilot's seat.

Then came the incident. Out of a stormy night sky materialized an old-fashioned monoplane - directly in the path of Beale's jetliner. Only Adam's quick thinking and quick action saved the hundreds of passengers - or did they? Only Beale saw the small plane.

Only Beale sees it the next time, on take-off, or the next, on landing. Only Beale hears the faint SOS over the radio. The ghost plane's pilot, a beautiful young woman. appears at Adam's bedside, pleading silently for his help. She cannot rest - she haunts his every hour.

Investigating the flyer's disappearance, Adam finds himself drawn into a sixty-year-old web of treachery and deceit. In love with a ghost, Adam swears he will solve her mystery - no matter the cost.