Duncan Harding is a pseudonym for Charles Whiting (1926-2007), who also wrote as Leo Kessler and John Kerrigan.

Born in York in 1926, Charles Whiting volunteered for the Army aged 16 in 1943, where he saw active service in Belgium, Holland and Germany with the 52nd Reconnaissance Regiment. After leaving university in 1953 he went to live abroad and worked as an editor, businessman, Times Educational Supplement correspondent, and later as an assistant professor and lecturer at several universities around the world. He became a full-time writer in 1973, and returned to write in England in 1988.

Charles Whiting has over 350 books to his credit, encompassing military history, espionage, biography and action fiction. Holder of the Sir George Dowty Prize for Literature, he is one of the most popular borrowed authors in UK lending libraries.