Blackhawk F-105 19


  • Dan Thompson on 2020-Aug-12 23:18:56 Dan Thompson said

    Dave Cockrum sent me the following bit of history about the Blackhawks' F-105s: "Re the Blackhawk F-105--Andy Yanchus (Ed: a former employee of the Aurora model company) pointed out that Dick Dillin was using the Aurora kit as his reference. There are a good number of inaccuracies in the Aurora kit, and they show up in the Blackhawk mounts. Andy modeled the Blackhawk F-105 many years ago while still at Aurora, using that kit. He'd hoped that management could be talked into releasing a Blackhawk F-105 to go along with all the other comics-related kits. A companion for the Batplane kit, so to speak. They didn't go for it." If Aurora had gone for the idea of producing the Blackhawks' VTOL Thunderchief, the box might have looked like this. A composite image using photos of my model of the Blackhawks' VTOL F-105 and a photo of clouds.

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