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  • Dan Thompson on 2020-Aug-12 02:38:29 Dan Thompson said

    The Blackhawks flew the Skyrocket from their first appearance in 1941 until about 1949. The unique design of the Skyrocket with its fuselage that started about a foot back from the leading edge of its wing made it easily recognizable and it became amazingly well known for a plane that never went into production. However, Charles Cuidera, the artist who created the Blackhawks, did not feel at all bound by Grumman's design. He immediately replaced the XF5F-1's rotary engines with generic inline engines and then proceeded to replace the twin tail with a more conventional, single tail. That didn't last long, however, and the Skyrocket was generally portrayed in the comics fairly accurately. Some artists were better than others, of course. One of the best was Dave Cockrum, who drew this cover.

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