Batplane 1940 10


  • Dan Thompson on 2020-Aug-16 03:47:40 Dan Thompson said

    I considered softening the wheels with a heat source and then pressing them against a glass plate to "bulge" them. I think this would work, but couldn't bring myself to risk it on model this far along with this much work in it. Instead, with a sheet of sandpaper on the glass, I put the main gear wheels on the sandpaper and the tail-wheel on the glass. I gently moved the model in circles, flattening the main wheels. Then I drilled holes in the wheels into which I glued brass pins that would eventually secure the model to the base. To fill the gap left after I cut off the larger scoop on the bottom of the nose, I used another piece from the same German bomber kit that provided the filler piece in front of the cockpit.

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