Batplane 1940 09


  • Dan Thompson on 2020-Aug-16 03:53:22 Dan Thompson said

    Some of the illustrations in the comic show air scoops in the wing roots, presumably for radiators, like on a Corsair or Mig-3. The opening was an oblate oval (i.e., egg shaped.) I carved the end of a wooden chop-stick (I always take these when they offer them at Chinese restaurants, they are handy for so many jobs) into a point with an oblate oval cross- section. Then I softened the end of a styrene tube over a candle flame and quickly inserted the wooden plug. The plastic cooled into the correct shape. Of course, it took more than two tries to produce two useable pieces. These I cut off the tube and cemented into notches cut into the wing roots. Putty filled the openings around the scoops and faired them into the wing. Another air scoop under the nose was made by filing a flat space across the nose and then rebuilding the contour with sheet plastic strips.

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