Batplane 1940 05


  • Dan Thompson on 2020-Aug-16 04:00:57 Dan Thompson said

    With the model stripped down, I took a hard look at it. I realized I'd never liked the P-40 bulge along the bottom of the fuselage, so I cut it out with a moto-tool and filled the hole with sheet plastic. I changed the shape of the tips of the wings and tail, giving them a curve that matched the sweeping curve of the vertical tail. Then I went back and filled everything using only cyano. Wet sanded, the cyano filler provides a glass smooth surface with perfectly feathered edges, something I never got with putty. The only problem I have is with trapped air bubbles when filling large or deep gaps. They turn into pits as you sand and have to be refilled. This was a tedious, lengthy job, especially rebuilding the fillets on the wing "ribs." But the end product, a cleaner shape with a much smoother surface, was worth it.

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