One of the most fascinating areas in the solar system — the Asteroid Belt — gives this tale of mystery, intrigue and excitement a unique background. In this “orbit of danger," where rugged space frontiersmen risked their necks in a sea of swirling rock.  Peter Clay and his father faced losing their mining rights.

In the shaky system of justice that had grown up between Mars and Jupiter to protect the individual miner, the Ama (Asteroid Miners’ Association) played an important part. It policed the Belt, spotted claim jumpers and was expected to aid any individual unlucky enough to get lost or disabled. When events led the Clays to suspect the Ama of invalidating claims for criminal purposes, they could only look to themselves and the sketchy Martian-sponsored government for help.

From the moment the Clays heard a miner signaling for help from a tiny asteroid until they, with a group of honest men and women, band together to protect their claim from the Ama’s marauding ships, action and suspense color every page of this unusual story. How Peter Clay unraveled a maze of false clues; his narrow brush with desperate men who had a mining empire within their grasp; the details of life on the Asteroid frontier create, in MYSTERY OF THE THIRD MINE, a vivid world of drama and danger unique in the annals of science fiction.

MYSTERY OF THE THIRD MINE is a juvenile science fiction novel, published first in 1953 as one of the books in the Winston Science Fiction series.