Set in the early days of the moon's colonization, this is the exciting story of Fred Halpern's efforts to prove himself worthy of the title Spaceman. Fred, a first-rate but impetuous pilot, was washed out of the Goddard Space Academy for disobeying orders. But he is lucky enough to get one more chance at a career in space when he is asked to join the third expedition to the moon. With the group of explorers, Fred makes his way across the dangerous and desolate lunar terrain, territory which has never been charted before. The men, determined to find some form of life on the moon, are hampered at every turn by breakdowns and bad luck.

Oddly enough, the accidents only seem to happen when Fred is around, and finally the resentful members of the expedition sign a petition requesting he be dismissed. The story reaches a harrowing climax when a spaceship mysteriously crashes, and Fred is driven to mutiny in an effort to save the crew.

In his thrilling novel, Lester Del Rey combines a lively story with the detailed scientific background that makes for superior science fiction.  

MOON OF MUTINY is a juvenile science fiction novel, published first in 1961 as one of the books in the Winston Science Fiction series. It is the third "Jim Stanley" book.