The dragons of the Great Peaks are faced with a plague, a deadly egg-blight that threatens newly-laid clutches, severely curtailing future offspring. To compound matters, the dragon horde is also faced with the threat of their age-old enemies, the gryphons, encroaching farther into their lands, compromising prey and watering holes alike. An older drake, Brygarh, suggests a cure for the egg-blight may lie within the distance realm of Sirilton, the ruling power and home to the higher humans of the land. Brygarh is willing to make the arduous flight to Sirilton in hopes of not only obtaining a cure, but to also reestablish severed relations between human and dragonkind. 

Brygarh's grand-nephew, a young, brash dragon named Bargoth, believes the journey to be futile; harboring deep resentment towards the humans, and will have nothing to do with accepting their aid regardless of the horde's current plight. Despite Bargoth's objections, Brygarh proceeds on his perilous journey into the lands of humans, encroaching gryphons, and neighboring furfolk; servants to the higher humans. 

Racked by conscience, Bargoth, too, ventures into the territories of the humans; to find and assist his beloved grand-uncle. Bargoth's journey is fraught with numerous gryphon attacks, mortally wounding the young and inexperienced dragon to the point of reluctantly accepting aid from the traveling gypsy woman, Josepha Rosemountain, as well as the glib-tongued foxling, Jeramy...both with secret agendas of their own, and both also willing to sacrifice the dragon to attain their goals...all the while, the threat of the egg-blight still looming, his grand-uncle still unaccounted for, and the scheming of the higher humans upon reaching Sirilton possibly costing Bargoth his very life.