Ganelon Silvermane is surely one of the greatest of Lin Carter's sword & sorcery creations. A massive warrior created by a forgotten genetic science for an unknown purpose, the epic of his wanderings along with a mixed group of friends among the weird and marvelous lands of the farthest future is one of Lin Carter's most memorable creations.

Of this series, reviewers have said: “Entertaining fantasy adventure set 700 million years in the future written in a flowing style that makes it a pleasure to read.” Kliatt

“Take a pinch of Flash Gordon, add some Barbarella, a little John Carter, a touch of the Dying Earth, and you have Lin Carter...:” Science Fiction Review

And the author himself adds about this latest: “Come — join me now at World's End in the Twilight of Time, as Ganelon Silvermane begins a new cycle of adventures on Gondwane the Great, Old Earth's last and mightiest continent.”

“Rollicking.” — Publishers Weekly