January 1945 and American Flying Fortresses are being savaged by Germany’s revolutionary jet, the Messerschmitt 262. With no fighter that can match them, and unable to discover where they are being built, General Staines of the USAAF asks his old acquaintance, Brigadier Simms of Special Operations Executive if his underground organization will help.

Simms agrees and decides to use his two best men, Hausmann and Meyer, ignorant of the fact that during Operation Crisis they killed two Gestapo agents whilst helping a resistance fighter escape. If Hausmann and Meyer are captured they will be sent to the concentration camp set aside exclusively for German defectors...

The outcome is as unexpected as it is exciting in this latest chronicle of 633 Squadron. Handled with the authenticity and flair for which he is famous, the author provides a feast as rich as any in the whole dazzling series.