The Western Allies called their attack on Saddam Hussein "Operation Desert Storm." Now, six years after the Gulf War, the Iraqi dictator plans his revenge...

Britain is planning to open a vast new oil field in the North Sea, which will provide for her needs well into the 21st Century. It is a race against time to bring in the first rig before the City money runs out.

But that is not the only problem. The international terrorist known only as "The Palestinian" has been hired by Saddam to ensure that the rig is destroyed before that occurs. It is Saddam’s intention that the destruction of the Margaret Thatcher — as the rig is called — will make him rise to the top again in the Islamic Fundamentalist world.

Saddam, however, had not reckoned with Captain Seal of the SBS (Special Boat Squadron — seaborne version of the SAS): he had already fought against Saddam once, and won the DSC. Now he is out to stop the terrorist from his trail across the whole of Europe to his target in the North Sea...

In this fast-moving sea thriller, Duncan Harding proves again he is a master of the genre.