In this historical adventure by the author of Warriors’ Moon, Artor, son of Artor the Pendragon, a ruler in the south of Britain, pursues the Cretan traders who have kidnapped his cousin Alayne. While he makes his hazardous journey across Europe, Alayne is being introduced to the highly civilized life of King Minos’ court. Only gradually does she learn the full implications of her role as one of the bull maidens who are destined to be sacrificed to the Minotaur during the Winter Festival. Artor knows her danger but he and his allies reach Knossos only in the nick of time in the midst of the festive celebrations.

This, the second of a series of enjoyable and beautifully written historical novels, is a sequel to Warriors’ Moon. Each story can be read separately without reference to the others but all will be linked by the family relationship of the central characters — Artor and his descendants.