Set against the background of the Franco-Prussian War, this monumental novel brings into brilliant focus the powers of love and the passions of war.

It was an arranged marriage. The willful, aristocratic Theresa and the arrogant, young Lieutenant von Falkenhorst. Neither of them were disappointed when fighting broke out and Gustaf was called to his regiment. Tessa spent the wedding night alone. But neither she nor Gustaf cared that the honeymoon would have to wait.

Gustaf’s brother, Albrecht, had different ideas. He cared more about love than war. He was happy to be on the sidelines and overjoyed to be home.

And then Tessa learned that she was a widow. She knew that she could rely on Albrecht. She found a special warmth and tenderness in him. And Albrecht was desperately in love with her.

Together they shared a glorious love—until one day Gustaf returned.