The collected short story to novella length works from H. Beam Piper's "Terro-human" future history. This edition covers the Federation and Empire periods. Includes:

The Edge of the Knife - A professor who can see the future tries to convince those around him of their impending doom.
Omnilingual - How can archaeologists translate a dead language found among the ruins of a lost civilization, on an alien planet?
Naudsonce - A first-contact story concerning communications with beings who hear and speak, but don't seem to convey information through set words.
Oomphel in the Sky - Since Logic derives from postulates, it never has, and never will, change a postulate. And a religious belief is a system of postulates ... so how can a man fight a native superstition with logic? Or anything else...?
A Slave is a Slave - There has always been strong sympathy for the poor, meek, downtrodden slave-the kindly little man, oppressed by cruel and overbearing masters.Could it possibly have been misplaced...?
Ministry of Disturbance - Sometimes getting a job is harder than the job after you get it -- and sometimes getting out of a job is harder than either!
The Keeper - Raud the Keeper protects a millenia old treasure on an Earth that is poor and forgotten among the empire of the stars.

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