This collection features some of the best short stories by William Morrison (pseud. of Joseph Samachson). When Frederik Pohl, Martin H Greenberg and Joseph D Olander compiled Galaxy: 30 Years of Innovative Science Fiction, they remarked that Samachson was “one of the most shamefully neglected writers in the history of science fiction.”

THE SLY BUNGERHOP - This was Colmer’s chance of a lifetime — he could hear opportunity knock,but where in all Creation was the door it knocked upon?

THE JOKER - Everybody at one time or another has had to squelch a practical joker. But how do you cope with one the size of infinity?

COUNTRY DOCTOR – He was just a simple country doctor, but the spaceship had brought him a patient unlike any he’d ever seen.

BEDSIDE MANNER - Broken, helpless, she had to trust an alien doctor to give her back her body and mind — a doctor who had never seen a human before!

THE BARBARIANS - They were so far behind the times, these Hesperidian colonists, that it was ashame they had to be involved in Earth’s war. But the Martians wanted to use Hesperides, too, sothe little world had to be a battleground. But there was a difference here ...

VERMIN – The giants hated humans, and the humans hated—

THE ADDICTS - Wives always try to cure husbands of bad habits, even on lonely asteroids!

NO STAR’S LAND - When cosmic giants wage war man becomes a fly-speck in space. But a single atom can shatter a sun!

THE MODEL OF A JUDGE - Should a former outlaw become a judge — even if he need only pass sentence on a layer cake?

HEADS YOU LOSE - When it comes to mislaying things—Anything and everything—It’s Georgie all the way!

MONSTER – Colonizing Mars was hell, because of one thing—large, hungry critters. They flew, crawled, snarled„ bowled, burrowed up under the floors, chewed at doors and windows. And then, to make things worse, came the Monster.

DATE OF PUBLICATION, 2083 A.D. - Lending libraries have been known to make mistakes—but never one so potentially explosive as the time they sent Carrie the wrong volume.

G’RILLA - Something in the bathroom was eating toothpaste!

REVENGE – The tiny Martian mother found a sweet…

THE LUCKIEST MAN ALIVE! - The man who won the contest for a perfect specimen to be named “Mister Earth” would be in a unique position!

THE HOLLYWOOD HABIT - It’s exhilarating to change wives with the impulsiveness of a bee sipping nectar. But what if each new wife is a stand-in for the old?

THE DARK DIMENSION - The little shadow said it intended no harm. How could a thing so minute and nebulous, it argued laughingly, menace a big powerful man anyway?

FORGOTTEN DANGER - Crusoe could remember only one thing—that somewhere near some deadly danger threatened him! He had no way of knowing what it was, or why he was in the swamp. Then he found he could work miracles!

A FEAST OF DEMONS - If you want my opinion, old Maxwell should have kept his big mouth shut ... and then El Greco could not have put Earth in a frame!