Everything about the worlds of Ein, three habitable planets in this strange hyperspace, gave the appearance of magic; yet beneath this Arabian Nights culture was a technology far in advance of Earth. And when Laird Dondyke, fugitive, arrived on Speewry, he found himself caught up in an intricate webwork of intrigue, whose purpose was to funnel vital scientific information back to Earth.

But that was only the smallest part of it, for while the theocratic culture on all three planets was the same, each maintained that it, and it alone, was the world of the true prophet of Ein, and the other two worlds were creations of evil. And each of the planets actually possessed the means to destroy the other two worlds completely —when Ein willed!

Dondyke found himself caught up in this maze when he saw a vision and a ghost within a few minutes of each other on the streets of Einwill, capital of Speewry. The vision was a golden-haired girl and the ghost a red-haired youth the image of Dondyke's brother, Bruce—the brother for whose untimely death Laird Dondyke felt guilt-ridden. He would have to help Tom Corey in whatever way he could, wherever this led him.

He was an Unbeliever, as were many Earthmen who had come here to settle on these worlds, but some had become converts to the fantastic religion that permeated every atom of this culture, and Dondyke learned that faith raised an impenetrable barrier between him and Alanna. But when he accepted conversion, he discovered that histroubles had only begun.

Here is an ironic tale of adventure and romance in a strange world of super-science, where everything came down to a matter of faith.