Stories that both thrill and make you think, from golden age science fiction master Milton Lesser:

Forever We Die!- Rhodes faced the agonies of alien torture because he knew the secret which held an entire world in bondage.

World Of The Hunter - Mulveen had come to Earth for a big game thrill; it was up to Gilbert to provide it for him—even if he had to let himself be stalked!

The Ivory Tower - Spacetorium Eros could provide a slow cure for a spaceman's tragic loss of body-weight. But behind its bright facade Medusa loomed.

The Man Without A Planet - Starting a war would be easy for the two alien worlds. But neither wanted to assume the blame. So they searched for a pawn and found the man without a planet.

We Run from The Hunted! - Running a hunting camp on Venus appeared to be a good deal. But like any business, you had to attract customers—and maybe a Wompan!

The Passionate Pitchman - Hector was just another salesman until the gorgeous Miss Laara came along with her Foolproof Method of Procurement. Miss Laara was fascinating. So were her methods. They introduced Hector into a world where inhibitions were unknown. Then the Syndicate moved in. They wanted to know about this procurement business. So will you.

The Thing In The Truck - There's nothing peculiar about a load of potatoes going to market—but something was wrong when the spuds suddenly came to life!

Through a Glass Darkly - If death could be conquered, at the price of universal sterility, what would be your choice?