A collection of classic science fiction stories by golden age master Milton Lesser. Includes:

The Iron Virgin - The invaders were bent upon creating a new world in which trucks without drivers could back up and run over you: in which a giant machine could say, "Well, what railroad shall I wreck today?" Holland knew all about it and figured he could straighten things out. But first he had to get out of the insane asylum.
Planet of Doom - As a galactic reporter Jane Crowley knew she had hold of the biggest story of the year; thousands of people were soon to die —
Stop, You're Killing Me! - As a private eye I get a lot of screwball cases, but nothing to match my own; my wife and kid trying to kill me — and neither aware of it!
Social Climber - If one life-form—or better still, one single entity—is indifferent to the continued existence of another, is, as a matter of fact, quite willing to end it without adequate motivation, then you have a psychopathic society. And all over Earth, people were obtaining legal permits to kill others for the sole purpose of advancing an artificial social status!
Revolt of the Brains - Taylor knew Earth faced Its darkest hour; man was prepared to fight against any invaders, except — Ironically enough — those he had created!
Field Trip - An archaeology course on Mars promised to be a dull affair for Marty Stebbs. But that was before he started puttering with a space wreck!
Better Change Your Mind - A summit meeting had been scheduled. All the top nations were sending their best men. The Russians, the French, and the English were all set to get all the things that would be advantageous to the Russians and the French and the English. But we would not be too ably represented because our President and Secretary of State would be two other guys!
Meet Miss Solar System - Like everything else in the star-studded universe, beauty can be a flaming question mark. But not when real wisdom takes command.
Centauri Vengeance - George Haven was the most powerful man in the galaxy; now he had returned to Centauri and he was afraid — for his past was staring at him!
An Eye for the Ladies - You're a detective and you have an assignment to find a client's wife. This good-time gal has found herself a nicer body and is masquerading as some other fellow's wife. So how can you find her? Simple. You get into one male body after another and become a different girl's husband each night. And you're determined to find her even if you have to be every woman's husband to do it!
The Girl Who Hated Air - She, was a red-blooded American girl who had a talent for pranks—such as kidnapping Canoplans, undersized extraterrestials who had no sense of humor and didn't care to be hauled away from hearth and home. Then things began catching up with her and she got snatched herself—into a world that made no sense unless you thought it over while lying on the bottom of a lake.