Being the LOG of his adventures aboard divers FRIGATES; SLOOPS OF WAR; and other FIGHTING CRAFT of the UNITED STATES NAVY; together with an account of his captivity in, and escape from, the Islands of the BERMUDAS, during the late WAR with GREAT BRITAIN, 1812-1815.

Wherein may be discovered to those of a NAUTICAL mind, sundry time-honored NAVAL CUSTOMS, and the ROUTINE observed aboard UNITED STATES MEN OF WAR. To the ADVENTUROUS, a recounting of gallant deeds of IRON men in WOODEN ships.

MIDSHIPMAN DAVY JONES is a gripping, dramatic story of a boy midshipman during the War of 1812. Boys of twelve and fourteen were transplanted from civil life to become officers on our men o' war.

The story is historically accurate in every detail. All naval battles, all ships, equipment, customs, rigging, etc., have been painstakingly checked for accuracy.