An eclectic collection of stories of strange voyages in time and space.

Dragon Fire - The pilot of a Fokker Triplane is transferred through time to fight aerial duels with dragons.
Twilight’s Last Gleaming - An AI interstellar space probe is the last defense for the human race.
Second Chance - The crew of a small base on the Moon discovers the remains of ancient alien visitors.
Prize Crew - Privateers fight a querrila war against the powerful UNE Navy in the Asteroid Belt.
Assassin -  Ruthless aliens invade the Solar System and an ancient warship is Earth's last defense.
Terminator - In the Asteroid Belt, an alien warship attacks a remote construction site.
Survivor - A lone survivor of an attack fights back against an alien hunter machine.
Praise Patrick - Patrick's life had little to celebrate about until he found a secret.
Returns - Time travel seems like a great idea, but not when you add in the Internal Revenue Service.
A New Broom - Survivors of a civilization destroying catastrophe sail across the Atlantic in search of lost technology.
Fish in a Barrel - The crew of the Jefferson find strange allies in the frigid seas of the new ice age.
A Matter of Faith - The Hypatian Confederacy is desperate for an edge in their never ending struggle against the Holy Terran Empire.
Choices - One man against the Consensus of the human race.
The Light on the Sea - A teenager in a lonely lighthouse off the northwest coast of the US in 1908 gets a strange visitor.
Doragon - A 17th century privateer recounts a story of a fantastic voyage to the mysterious orient.
Housing Shortage - A research assistant finds a doorway into a strange alternate world.
Marooned in Paradise - A tropical island all to yourself is great until the door back to civilization closes for good.
New Kid on the Moon - It's always tough to be the new kid in the neighborhood, but when the neighborhood is on the Moon, it's even tougher.
Skinwalker - The Provost of a remote military base encounters a danger that seems to be supernatural.