I hate it. I hate the running, the crawling. I hate watching the patrols hunt for those who would try toescape the alien domination. I hate my father for leading one more group of desperate helpless humans through the forest to the sea. I hate myself for following.

I have never known a country without alien overlords. Unlike my father, I have never ridden in an automobile or watched a television show. I am nineteen and the Mylecs have been here all my life.

Ariel hated her life and then it got worse. Her father was killed by scags, the savage rejects from the invading Mylecs' experiments to produce alien-human-animal hybrids. Now his small group looked to her to lead them. She didn't want the responsibility but could not abandon them. Traveling south, they encountered a group of rebels led by Kilgo, the tall, exotically handsome hybrid who stirred feelings she had never experienced before. The next thing she knew, Ariel was the mediator of an alliance between hybrid and human rebels who planned to strike at the heart of the Mylec invaders.

A thrilling story of struggle against overwhelming odds in a strange and dangerous world, CHROME HEART is also the story of a young woman's blossoming to meet challenges she never expected or wanted.