Six thrilling stories from the Golden Age of pulp science fiction magazines; by Malcolm Jameson, author of "Bullard of the Space Patrol". Plus an article about how a volcanic eruption could impact a war.

The Giant Atom - Only Steve Bennion, Inventive Genius, and His Lovely Assistant, Kitty Pennell, Stand Between the Earth and Destruction When a Flaming Monster Threatens to Devour and Destroy Civilization!
Prospectors of Space - “Join Spaceways and See the Universe” Was the Slogan for All Pilots — But Not if You Wanted a Place in the Sun!
Eviction by Isotherm - A new author shows that the weatherman isn’t always wrong — and that he can be a bad man to argue with!
Vulcan: Ice King (science fact article) - Vulcan, God of Fire and volcanoes, isn't the sort of being you'd ordinarily associate with the world's worst — and coldest — weather. But he's responsible — as Jameson shows!
Wreckers of the Star Patrol - “As for the crew, Hartwell ignored them--they were the scum of the sky ports of a score of planetoids.”
Mill of the Gods - A small job of grinding — about a hundred miles of solid steel to be removed — for a grindstone of appropriate size and power!
"If You’re Smart —"- Seems a pretty obvious crack for a business sharper to make to an inventor. “If you’re so smart, why don’t you make some money yourself?” Maybe so. But this scientist had an even better answer —