Thrilling stories of fantasy and science fiction by Malcolm Jameson, author of "Bullard of the Space Patrol". Includes:

Blind Alley - He was rich and old, and he longed for the good old days, and the good old ways of his youth. So he made a bargain by which he got back to those days, and those ways, and— (This novella was the basis for the Twilight Zone episode "Of Late I Think of Cliffordville")
Fighters Never Quit - The dead can’t die—so far as we know, but there may well be yet other realms, and battles to be fought. And if the invisible dead can see the living—
The Giftie Gien - How do others see you—what queer distortions would a bootblack, to whom a man is a pair of dusty shoes, or a barber, to whom he is a head, mostly bald, with a fringe that needs cutting, see of a man—
Chariots of San Fernando - Indian legend swore we were headed for a hell peopled with unspeakable devils.
Vengeance In Her Bones - Just let the wheel go . . . for you're aboard a rogue ship that knows where she wants to steer! Certainly no one else does!
Heaven Is What You Make It - She was a very determined woman. She was determined to fight in battle and did, and died. And thereafter—she was determined to make the heaven she was misdirected to suit her—
The Old Ones Hear - The Old Ones may hear—and act, too—in somewhat different manner, in ways we do not expect. And in ways that military tactics do not take into account—
Not According to Dante - Hell wasn't what it used to be—but he found, waiting for him, a very special, private hell all his own—
Train for Flushing - What if the Flying Dutchman were in command of a subway train instead of a ship?
The Goddess’ Legacy - There was one thing in Greece the Gestapo could not conquer—one legacy of ancient days that took them, one by one—
Doubled and Redoubled - He was in a rut, doing the same things every day — because every day was one day!
Catalyst Poison - It was a wonderful idea, the thought solidifier—until the idea went whacky!
Transients Only - An expert ghost-manager ought to be able to do a lot for a Washington boardinghouse caught between OPA ceilings and a triple-decker mortgage, at that!
Children of the Betsy B - The author tells of a little steam launch—that grew up and ran away to sea!