A bomb run over Berlin in 1944, the thirtieth and final mission for one British Bomber Command aircrew. For them, World War II is virtually over. They will take off tonight, make a last passage through the barrage of flak and flame, take a last gamble against the Messerschmitts, and return to England and relative peace. The pilot of the Lancaster bomber, Wally Mann, Paul Taylor the navigator, Douglas, Harry, Phil, Charlie, Len — the other members of the crew — dream of life and love and each fights his fear as the bomber lifts off in the night for the run over Berlin. But across the Channel, a young German fighter pilot, grieving for his dead parents and thinking of the combat to come, is destined to alter forever the lives of the British bomber crew.

One of the most exciting first novels to appear in years, Bomb Run has been described as "a military The High and the Mighty." Certainly one of the finest novels ever written about flying, it is one of the most exciting reading experiences in any genre.