Spencer Dunmore's novel is set against the gigantic canvas of the air battles of World War II. His protagonist is Ernst Brehme, a fighter pilot serving with the Luftwaffe. But Brehme is no ordinary flyer. He possesses the one-in-a-million combination of qualities that makes him the complete master of his profession - one of the top-scoring pilots of all time - a national hero, idolized, adored. Like so many of his contemporaries, however, Ernst Brehme knows infinitely more about the business of death than about life. Young and naive, he falls deeply in love with a French Jewess several years his senior. Their ill-starred romance is a central theme of this tense, totally gripping adventure.

Inspired storytelling and fascinating aeronautics are among the most distinguished features of Spencer Dunmore's writing, as witnessed by Bomb Run, Collision, Final Approach and Means of Escape.

Now Ace outdoes them all.