Jim Stanley, who had helped to build the first space station, was thrilled to return to it as a member of the crew selected to erect the ships which would fulfill Man's age-long dream to reach the Moon. A total effort was being made to surpass the progress achieved in outer space by an enemy Combine. It was believed that if this foreign group scored the initial landing and gained control of the cold planet, the world would be threatened.

The desperate effort to forge ahead of the Combine suddenly turns into a race against death when a young, space-happy boy takesoff alone for the Moon in an inadequate ship. Although hampered by accidents, false rumors, and conflicts on Earth below, the crew works with frantic haste and grim determination to get the ships underway and to the boy in time. Jim Stanley, as mechanic and pilot, contributes a major share in the task of construction and on the tense rescue journey.

Here is a gripping account of pioneers in space by one of science fictions best known and most skillful writers. Jim Stanley's adventures on the first flight to the Moon make a lusty and exciting tale for all who love to envision man's u1timate conquest of space.

MISSION TO THE MOON is a juvenile science fiction novel, published first in 1956 as one of the books in the Winston Science Fiction series. It is the second "Jim Stanley" book.