Brian Wyvill - Brian’s early childhood in London included frequent visits to the well preserved old clipper, the Cutty Sark, which inspired a lifelong interest in sailing ships. As a computer scientist he invented new techniques for 3D modeling and created animated sequences for the movie, Alien, and has published his share of academic papers. He spent fifteen years living in Canada’s Rocky Mountains where he climbed, skied, wrote plays, and acted with the Rocky Mountain Shakespeare company. He moved to Victoria on the West Coast in 2006 to take up a Canada Research Chair at the University of Victoria, and to be nearer the Pacific. In The Second Gate he turns from covering the page with mathematical symbols to writing a sea faring adventure set during the Napoleonic wars. Brian is a world-class mountaineer, an author/playwright, a professional actor and a pioneer in computer graphics research. A renaissance man, proficient in the arts, and the sciences, who embraces physical challenge, he has now turned his talents towards creating historical fiction.