L. D. Biagi was a pseudonym of US author Lottie F Ambrose (?   -?   ).  Little else is known about this author.






Spencer Dunmore was a schoolboy in Yorkshire, England during World War II and watched bombers limping home to the RAF airfields there. His imagination was fired by this experience to the extent that he became an expert on the war in the air, 1939-1945, and his accounts of the bombers and fighters involved are renowned for their accuracy. Dunmore left Britain for Canada in the mid-50s where he was an advertising executive for many years. Dunmore is now a full-time writer and a private pilot on weekends and resides in Ontario.




Malcolm Jameson (1891-1945) began writing only seven years before his death. Yet in that short span he wrote and sold more than 70 novelettes and short stories. Critic Groff Conklin calls Jameson's work "lively, ingenious and readable."

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  Victor Suthren (born 1942) is a Canadian writer and historian with a special interest in maritime history. A former Director General of the Canadian War Museum, he has written seven adventure novels about the sea, as well as histories including The War of 1812 and biographies of James Cook and de Bougainville.

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Eric North was a pen name used by Bernard Cronin (1884 – 1968).  Cronin was an Australian author and journalist.

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