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    Between Planets, 1951. A young man named Don Harvey leaves his dude ranch high school on Earth to go to his scientist parents on Mars. On the trip up to a space station, he befriends one of his fellow passengers, a Venusian "dragon" named Sir Isaac Newton. Harvey gets caught up in the Venusian war of independence when the station is captured by the colonials in a surprise raid. Most of the other travelers are sent back to Earth, while a few decide to join the rebels. Harvey is in a quandary. The spaceship to Mars has been confiscated, but he remains determined to get there, by way of Venus if necessary. Because he was born in space, with one parent from Venus and the other from Earth, he claims Venusian citizenship; more importantly, Sir Isaac vouches for him. On Venus, Harvey joins the rebel Army but eventually meets up again with Sir Isaac and discovers there is more going on than he realizes.

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